Onnac - Oh no! Not another CMS!


Onnac is an open source simplistic advanced Content Management System (CMS). Onnac is designed generically to help the advanced developer implement websites and applications in a (relatively) easy to manage manner.

Why Onnac?

There are lots of other content management systems out there for you to use (that's part of the reasoning behind the name of this particular CMS). If you want something that allows you to get your website up and running in minutes with tons of automated content generation... Onnac is NOT for you. Onnac is more of a database-driven templating system, with builtin mechanisms for executing PHP code, menu generation, random banner images, and authentication. Its designed to help you manage your website, not automatically create it.

More specifically, Onnac is designed to be easy for me to use and manage custom designed websites. Hopefully, it will be simple for you too.


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